International Staffing Program

For more than two decades, Guardian Healthcare Providers has recruited and placed highly qualified foreign educated healthcare professionals throughout the United States.

We retain professionals in nursing, physical and occupational therapy, speech-language
pathology, and medical and surgical technology.

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How Does Guardian’s International Staffing Program Benefit You?

  • Fixed staffing costs for the contract term (improves continuity of care)
  • Hourly billing rates less than PRN billing rates
  • Minimizes facility’s recruiting activities and costs
  • Reduces overtime and PRN costs
  • Decreases human resources/administrative workload and cost
  • Long-term stable staffing
  • No placement fees at the end of the contract period
  • Staff trial before hire

We take the “hassle” out of staffing with highly qualified and fully credentialed international healthcare providers. Guardian assumes the entire up-front financial and administrative burden of international employee selection, recruitment, testing, emigration/immigration, licensure, relocation, housing, acculturation, training and relocation to the work assignment. We take pride in helping committed, hardworking internationally educated healthcare professionals find their way to meaningful work and to their ultimate goal – American citizenship.

What Sets Guardian’s International Staffing Program Apart?

Guardian Healthcare Providers takes a very “hands on” approach to the selection, recruitment, training, acculturation, placement and adjustment of our international team members. Our primary focus is on candidates from the Philippines as we have long established sourcing and training relationships that ensure selection of only the most highly qualified candidates. Conducted in English, the Philippine nursing and physical therapy curricula are consistent with those provided in the United States.

In addition to an intensive orientation and clinical assessment period, Guardian addresses acculturation issues concerning key lifestyle success factors such as banking, wellness, American customs and culture and other topics tailored to each individual’s needs.

Our commitment to our employees doesn’t end when they are placed with your company. Guardian is committed to our employees’ successful adjustment within the work environment and the community. Our VP of International Recruiting, Pauline Xavier, and other Guardian managers maintain ongoing communication with each of our international team members to ensure that their questions are answered, their needs are met and their adjustment is successful.

Guardian’s International Staffing Program provides a long-term temporary to permanent staffing arrangement wherein Guardian will employ highly qualified internationally educated registered healthcare professionals and “contract” them to your company for the duration of the three (3) year employment agreement with Guardian.

During the contract period, Guardian handles it all: human resources functions, payroll, healthcare benefits, vacation, sick leave, practice insurance and all other employee management responsibilities. Your company gets highly qualified nurses eager to become part of your organization and community.

When the contract term is over, our international team member is available for full-time employment without placement fees or other costs.

Want to learn more? Contact us to discuss your needs and learn more about Guardian’s International Staffing Program.

Listen to what our clients say about us:

“I have been affiliated with Guardian for approximately ten years. They have provided nurses from the Philippines that have been the primary source of nursing coverage in my facility. It is also without reservation that I say their work ethics surpasses those of any agency personally utilized within the past twenty years.”

– Norma L.