Brand Matters

brochuresfanAs you might suspect, branding comes from the historic tradition of burning a mark onto products to distinguish them from the products of other providers (think cows!). The term “branding” has assumed a wide spectrum of meanings in the marketing world: personality, emotion, history, experience and much more. Out of the vast array of definitions out there, let me offer you author Gini Dietrich’s definition:

Branding is the identity of a product or service. It’s the name, the logo, the design, or a combination of those that people use to identify and differentiate what they’re about to buy. A good brand should deliver a clear message, provide credibility, connect with customers emotionally, motivate the buyer and create user loyalty.

Why is it important that Guardian Healthcare Providers gets branding right? Guardian operates in an incredibly competitive environment: Staffing Industry Analysts estimates that there are between 1,300 and 2,000 healthcare staffing firms in the United States. Picture, if you will, a couple of thousand cows milling around in a huge, hot, dusty corral. Looking over the herd is the client we want to serve, but how can we make the Guardian Healthcare Providers cow stand out from the herd?

Like in the above scenario, our clients (current and potential) are constantly bombarded by healthcare staffing companies competing for their attention. Of course the best way to stand out in their minds is to leave them with a positive impression by delivering outstanding staff and customer service when they give us our chance to shine. Every interaction, in essence, helps create that brand impression.

Short of that, we have to rely on our logo, our name and our message, The Impact of One, to help us stand out from the pack. So, the more we use our logo and message, the more recognizable we will be in the crowded field of competitors. Every interaction that represents Guardian Healthcare Providers needs to be branded consistently because consistency is powerful. So, please take notice of our wonderful logo and how it represents “us”, The Impact of One!